what if ?

why in history is this question so profound, if it’s our essential belief in fatalism and the inevitable which fuels our decisions and ultimately the course of history – you are probably overthinking it . But seriously, What if is the biggest question of all, what if Columbus never found america, if the titanic didn’t sink, if kennedy wasn’t killed, if russia still had a tzar … each decision made by those with the power to make them.

we can only speculate with so many variables amounting to one incident or event the course of history can be through in many directions, the response in turn can be ultimately effected or forever changed by those said events. Take the holocaust as an example, the shocking repression and devastation those under nazi rule faced heralded a new wave of human rights, a compassion to one another and forever changed our ideas of war. The variables, independent of themselves but amassed to create the circumstance, go back centuries – the catalyst war. so should the age of upheaval end when war itself ends?

This hippyish ideal is one I enjoy, human nature demands conflict but to suppress that t would create a better world. what we seek is unity, to prevent internal anger all forces must unite onto a common goal. Here I would use my own experience one of the many things DofE has taught me is that you’re never better friends then when you’re miles from home in the pouring rain faced with an seeming endless bog. it’s been told countless times in movies where there’s hope there’s a way. i’ve heard many theories as to how we could become united globally – my favorite by far is the invasion theory the concept is that only with an interstellar war can we unite as a front. It’s a but star trek i will grant you but the question does beg – … what if?


2 thoughts on “what if ?

  1. TimeDancer

    I’ve often what would have happened had certain events in history never occurred. I do believe everything happens for a reason, but in the case of the Holocaust, I wish that it had never happened..

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    1. I completely agree ! theres really nothing in all of history as tragic. There stories should never be forgotten. I used this example really just to prove that what can seem so trivial at first can spiral out of control and one the big what if’s in recent history was a debate about whether allied troops knew about the existence of the camps and if they knew their true purpose – its a really interesting debate


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