Historic hotel/prison?

Did you know you can spend a week in Mary queen of Scott’s old prison ? 

Ok so it not exactly azkaban, this Tudor mansion Cost just £432 for four nights and was once the Scott’s royal prison.  After watching wolf hall the appeal for all things Tudor if defiantly catching on. But if the splendor, the entregue  and the scandals are anything like Philippa Gregory’s fantastic novel – your in for one heck of a week!

Take a look at Tixall Gatehouse Here for more information and for other historical properties.  


History of the property – 

  • Owned by the Littleton family until 1507 then married into the Aston family 
  • The original hall attached was demolished In 1927 
  • The landmark trust brought it in 1968   

Mary queen of Scott’s stay may have been breif (two weeks) but was intended to be more perminant – seeing it a “shame” to move Lord Aston and his household.  Mary’s visit was entirely due to the Babington plot. Being removed from her perminant residence so her letters and belonging could be searched, Tixall was deemed the most suitable location for a short term prison stay. Upon leaving she historically spoke to beggars at the gate house doors saying  > 

“I have nothing for you, I am a begger as well as you, all is taken from me.” 


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