On my last night on Earth 

 we all driven by our ultimate and conclusive ending. we want to make our impact on the world, Struggling against the mists of time terrified of becoming forgotten – lost in the milling multitude of dead. 

   One of my friends remarked the other day that to every one person alive there are fifteen dead – or words to that effect. Such staggering odds shows how little significance an individual has – like me for instance. Those great men and women who have made it to significance have accomplished many great deeds, some explore space and time while others have mapped their thoughts on canvas. 

So what would you do if you had one more night? I’ve known too many people to know that life is short, so seize the moment because history will miss you. This is the enviable truth which haunts us all. 

I believe it was Stalin who once said, the death of one is a tragedy, the death of a million is a statistic. If I can die, without this sounding slightly morbid, with some kind of significance I would be content. This is the real difference between fame and true indifference. In 100 years will anybody remember Katy price?  

Who’s been forgotten in history? They may be the most important. Especially in such a modern espionage driven era those people employed are payed to be forgotten.  

Who haven’t I heard of, what events do I not know about? Just let me learn, wander, explore – if I can do that I will be significant to me, and if that’s all I achieve that’s enough.  


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