International man of history

Sir Roy strong- a rather eccentric historian (the best ones usually are), dressed up as a range of historic figures…  Need I say more? 

As an Art Historian Sir Roy strong became inspired by John Swannell’s photograph of an Elizabethan gentlemen in 2010. Composing a list of paintings to recreate they embarked on the project. 

“I have an art historical eye and my aim was to capture contrasting styles and periods. I wanted to be David Beckham, but John rejected  that one. And though we toyed with the idea of me cross-dressing , ultimately I said no” 

The article (from the Sunday times) that these photographs are taken from, call him the “International man of history”. Without Fault Roy recreates a series of well known figures, ranging from Maharajah to Abraham Lincoln, the execution of which is perfection  and his range of likeness is surprising. If there was ever a way to make a modern news story out of history – this would be my NO.1! 



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