Mary rose rebuilt 

Today, walking around the most amazing discoveries of marine archeology I realised one thing. I live with all This incredible history around me everyday and just because I see it everyday for t make it less special. 

Portsmouth has be a hub of naval activity for over 500 years. This odd mix of defensive and obviously offensive architecture (let’s never talk about the tricorn centre ever!) that makes Portsmouth what it is has been built on its defensive position. 

It is odd to think that today’s city’s, mainly on the coast or on rivers, were picked by our ancient ancestors for there strategical or trading positioning. Since the birth of the navy and its growth under Henry Tudor small villages sprouted into large ports. 

So as I stand here looking over the Mary rose, like Henry did on that fateful day, I think to myself the reason this whole city is here, the reason all these people are here is because a couple of centuries ago the king of England made it so. This half hull of a ship is far more then a record of Tudor life it is a legacy of what Portsmouth used to be like. Every single object onboard was mored at Portsmouth harbour. Every single man boarded the ship at Portsmouth harbour and every supply on board was stocked at Portsmouth or sourced locally. This time capsule show what life was like in Tudor Portsmouth. 
For more on this keep an eye out in October ! I’m going to the museum for work experience so drop in and take a look as I talk you through this amazing Tudor time capsule. 


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