About me

HI !

My name is Daisy. I am an University student living on the southcoast of England and if I could have one superpower it would be time travel. With that in mind I set up my online alter-ego “The Time Traveler’s Daughter” and created this blog.

I’ve never been entirely sure what I want to do ..  so I choose to look back. I didn’t mess up my exams this summer, I have been carted off to the University of Southampton to study history and archeology and I will be taking you with me.

My aim for this blog is write about whatever or whoever interests me. The study of history spans millennia whereas archeology spans ages (literally) and I hope to cover as much as I can. But please feel free to point me in any direction of a story I would find interesting, any suggestions of museums to visit, people to see or just general life advice –  leave me a comment below or tweet me (@time_daisy)!  I have also spread this interest onto a YouTube page so check it out here  where I will be uploading monthly videos, often related to recent blog posts.

Thank you for your time and hearing about mine.

all the best

Daisy (aka the Time Traveller’s daughter) x




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